Creating A Community


Babes Golf is a social golf club created for women interested in golfing. Founded by Alex Andersen, August 2017 in San Diego, Ca. Alex is a Business Management & Entrepreneurship Graduate from San Diego State University who has developed a strong passion for golf over the last four years. Noticing a lack of young women who participate in the game she was inspired to create and grow a community of women golfers.

Babes Golf brings women together by organizing, and conducting fun golf events, clinics, and social gatherings . 

Events range from golf lessons, to meet-ups, and community service.
Our promise is to always provide a fun, non-intimidating environment for all women.

Come explore, connect and evolve within our community. 

All new golfers welcomed!
Let’s grow the game with Babes!

"We may not get a hole in one but we have a whole lotta fun!"